Fun & Games

  • ABC 4 Kids - Check out all your favourite ABC shows, including Bananas in Pyjamas, Play School and the Saddle Club. There’s recipes, colouring-in, activities and games. You can submit a review, enter a writing contest, send in your photos, and heaps more.

  • ABC 3 Games - Heaps of online games for kids aged 6-15.

  • - Games, contests, cheats and more. Create your own cards, gadgets, stories, invitations, and music.

  • - Jokes & riddles, games, boredom busters, wacky facts, magic tricks, recipes, weird science, hot stuff.

  • Brain Teasers, Mind Games, Puzzles & More - A list of free online puzzles, mind games, optical illusions, riddles and heaps more! Lots of fun for all ages.

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