Download the competitions for your age, then either return them to the library or email them to Don't forget to include your name, age and contact details. Competitions close Wednesday 25th August.

You will need a library account to access the competitions. If you don't have a library account, you can sign up here.

Access the competitions by logging in or signing up, then go to Member Services. You will find the link to the competitions under WebLinks.

Take the StoryBox Library challenge! Use the Children's Book Week shortlisted books to complete the challenge. The books are all built-in, just click on the links. You will need to be a library member to log in to StoryBox Library.

Complete the challenge and work out who the missing character is. When you know you it is, come to the library to claim your prize.

Download the activity sheet, including links to the Children's Book Week shortlisted books on StoryBox Library.

Oh no! The future is in danger of being altered forever. You have invented a time machine to save the future, but there has been a terrible accident! You have accidently transported yourself back to prehistory and now you're stuck. You need to escape the dinosaurs and navigate your way back through history to save mankind. Can you do it??