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Adult Fiction
The Stone Boy, by Sophie Loubiere
(Reviewed by Good Reads,
When Madame Préau returns to her home outside Paris after a long convalescence, she immediately notices that much has changed. The neighborhood has fallen into disrepair, and now, instead of a beautiful garden next door there is a new house. Madame Préau finds that she can see directly into her new neighbors' windows.
And Madame Préau quickly feels that something isn't right. Her neighbors have two perfectly healthy children who play in the yard after school. But there is also third child: a young boy who looks malnourished and abused, and tosses small stones at her window in an apparent call for help. The family denies his existence.
But is the little boy real, or merely a hallucination of a lonely, mentally unstable old woman cut off from her own beloved grandson?
When the police refuse to listen to her reports, Madame Préau decides to take matters into her own hands. She's determined to help the little boy, and she'll use any means necessary to make sure he's safe...